Endovenous ablation is considered a minimally invasive procedure to remove non-functioning varicose veins that are enlarged and causing signs and symptoms of Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI).
Endovenous ablation involves the removal of unwanted, non-functioning Varicose Veins by using thermal energy (heat) to denature the vein, sealing it closed and resulting in its eventual absorption by the body.

How is Endovenous Ablation Performed?
The procedure involves the placement of a narrow catheter inside the enlarged, non-functioning vein under duplex ultrasound guidance, which ensures precise targeting within the vein. Once in its proper position, the catheter heats the surrounding vein. After the vein has been heated, the catheter is removed. During the subsequent weeks the body absorbs the denatured vein so that it is no longer a source of increased venous pressures in the leg and its associated risks.

Are there any limitations after treatment?
Immediately after Endovenous Ablation, almost all activities may be resumed. It is necessary to wear a compression stocking on the leg for at least 2 weeks after treatment.

What can I expect after treatment?
There is often some bruising after treatment. In addition, there may be some tenderness and discomfort. These symptoms resolve in the ensuing days or weeks.

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10.32.09: Delegation and Assignment of Performance of Cosmetic Medical Procedures and Use of Cosmetic Medical Devices. This is a Maryland safety regulation that governs who can legally perform medical cosmetic procedures.  Dr. Green administers all injectable treatments (including Botox™, Juvederm™, Voluma™, Kyblella™, and other fillers & Sclerotherapy) and laser treatments.