Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission Registered Provider

Dr. Green is a Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) Registered Provider.

Medical Cannabis is used in the treatment of the following conditions:
• Severe Pain
• Severe Nausea
• Seizures
• Glaucoma
• Chronic Pain
• Other medical conditions which medical cannabis is commonly used

 Please call the office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Green.

It is required that you live in Maryland and have a Maryland MMCC ID to obtain a Medical Cannabis Card. Please visit: to obtain your MMCC ID prior to scheduling your appointment

What you need to obtain your MMCC ID*
• A valid email account
• The last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
• An electronic copy of a US government-issued ID
• Proof of Maryland address
• An electronic copy of a recent clear photograph of yourself

*Please be aware it can take up to 2 months to get your MMCC ID.

Once you have met with Dr. Green, he will register your prescription with MMCC. When the MMCC approves your prescription, they will send you a temporary letter that you can use in order to visit a dispensary and then they will proceed to send you your permanent license.

For a list of dispensaries, Click Here

Your prescription is good for one year. Once the year is up, you will need to return to the office to renew your prescription.

“You cannot go wrong with this dermatologist. Dr. Green and his staff are the very best! They go out of their way to assure patient satisfaction. I have used many services in the Bethesda location, and have always been more than satisfied. I highly recommend Dr. Green.”

Susan E.