Vanquish® Fat Removal

Vanquish® is a revolutionary, safe, non-invasive device that uses RF (radio frequency) energy for body contouring by selectively targeting and eliminating unwanted fat cells. Vanquish® is engineered to focus its energy just below the skin, directly into the layer of tissue where there is undesired fat. The energy delivered allows for the selective and safe thermal targeting of fat. Selective targeting means that there is virtually no risk to any other tissue. Areas of the body that are especially responsive to contouring are the abdomen, flanks, and thighs.

Who is a candidate for treatment?
Vanquish® is for those who exercise regularly and have a healthy diet, but continue to have areas of unwanted fat retention. This is not a weight reduction treatment for people who are obese or a substitute for surgical procedures such as liposuction or gastric procedures.

How long does treatment last and how many treatments will I need?
Each treatment lasts 45-60 minutes. A series of 4-6 treatments is recommended for a site.

Is treatment safe and what are the side effects?
Vanquish® has been clinically tested and established as safe and effective for body contouring of the abdomen, ‘love handles’, and thighs. During treatment you will feel slight to moderate warmth and there may be mild redness and tenderness, which may last a few hours to a few days.

Can I return to my normal routine after treatment?
Yes, you can return to your regular daily activities after treatment. Side effects are minimal – mild redness, warmth, or tenderness – and should have little to no effect on your daily routine.

How do I prepare for treatment?
Twenty-four hours before and twenty-four hours after treatment, you are required to adequately hydrate your body. This will help the Vanquish® more selectively target fat, which has very little water content.

When should I expect results?
Results can often be appreciated within a few days to weeks after treatment. Improvement continues with each treatment as your body rids itself of fat cells. Maximal benefit is observed a few weeks after your last treatment.

Are diet and exercise required?
While diet and exercise are not necessary, regular exercise, careful caloric intake, and a healthy lifestyle will help sustain your results.

How long will the results last?
The results attained are permanent because – once removed – fat cells do not regenerate. However, remaining fat cells can enlarge to accommodate more fat if weight gain should occur due to excess caloric intake or reduced activity and exercise.

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