Light Chemical Peels

What are the results after treatment?

Chemical peels improve skin tone, uneven texture and other facial surface irregularities. Chemical Peels vary in depth of exfoliation. The chemical peels performed by our aesthetician are lighter in depth and do not require down time. Patients may experience some minor inflammation and flaking, but this is uncommon for the lighter peels. These lighter peels will improve appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and texture. Deeper lines, wrinkles and scarring, in addition to severe sun damage, may require a medium-depth or deep Chemical Peel performed by Dr. Green, depending on how much improvement is desired.

What will I experience during a light chemical peel?

The chemical solutions used differ depending on the type of chemical peel. These solutions include alpha hydroxyl acids, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, resorcinol and retinoic acid.

The Peels We Offer:
We offer a variety of light chemical peels. Our aesthetician will determine which chemical peel is best for you, based on a thorough skin analysis and your goals.

Chemical Peels are corrective skin treatments which use chemical acids to remove dead, dull, aged skin cells from the surface of the skin. Chemical peels enhance your skin cell’s turnover rate, revealing brighter, smoother, and younger skin. Chemical peels are formulated with different acids to customize the appropriate level of exfoliation for individual skin types and different age groups. Not all chemical peels are aggressive and result in flaking and peeling skin. For best results, light chemical peels are recommended in a series of 3 to 6 peels.

The solution for the peel you’re getting will be applied to your face and you may experience a slight stinging sensation. The solution will be removed with a neutralizing solution. Light Chemical peels take about an hour and can be repeated every month.


Mandelic Peel
Single – $150
Package of three – $420
Package of six – $790

Skin Medica Illuminize Peel
Single – $150
Package of three – $420
Package of six – $790

Skin Medica Vitalize Peel
Single – $225
Package of three – $625

Skin Medica Rejuvenize Peel
Single – $265
Package of three – $735

Glycolic Acid Peel
Single – $140
Package of three – $390
Package of six – $700

Reference: Mayo Clinic Staff. 2018. Chemical peel.

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