Reveal your smoothest skin yet! DermaPlaning is a non-invasive physical exfoliation designed to remove accumulated dead skin cells and vellous hair (“peach fuzz”). DermaPlaning provides immediate smoothing of your skin and can be customized with selective peels.

What are the results of Dermaplaning?

After the procedure, there is no required down time, so feel free to go on about your day! It is safe for most skin types and any side effects are rare. While the results may differ from person to person, the results almost always feature a temporary smoothed, rejuvenated and brightened appearance which can last weeks.

What is the treatment like?

Prepare to feel relaxed and rejuvenated in a spa-like atmosphere! The procedure takes about an hour and is performed by our medical aesthetician. The process involves a sterile blade that gently removes dead skin and vellous hair from the surface of the skin on your face. This is a cosmetic procedure and not covered by insurance, so there will be an out-of-pocket charge. Below is information on pricing.


Single – $150

Package of 3 – $420

Package of 6 – $790


DermaPlaning + Peel – $250

Reference: Watson, K. 2019. “Everything You Want to Know About Dermaplaning.”

“You cannot go wrong with this dermatologist. Dr. Green and his staff are the very best! They go out of their way to assure patient satisfaction. I have used many services in the Bethesda location, and have always been more than satisfied. I highly recommend Dr. Green.”

Susan E.