Herpes Zoster (Shingles)

Herpes Zoster (Shingles) is a nerve infection caused by the Chicken Pox virus. Shingles results from activation of a Chicken Pox virus that has remained in your body since you had Chicken Pox – perhaps many years ago. The virus activation is limited to a nerve root. This accounts for the pattern of the rash, which always stops at the body’s midline. The nerve involvement explains the stinging, burning, or pain common in Shingles. Some patients have some discomfort before the rash appears.

The Shingles rash begins as red patches that develop blisters. The blisters may remain small or can become large. They heal in 2 – 4 weeks, however there may be some scarring. Shingles are treated by Dr. Green for patients in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland regions.

Is Shingles contagious?
You do not have to quarantine yourself, however, until your rash has healed, you should keep away from people who have never had Chicken Pox. Contact with healthy adults appears safe.

How is Shingles treated?
Most cases of Shingles are treated with an antiviral medicine. Dr. Green can also prescribe topical medications to relieve any symptoms from the rash.

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