Fungal Skin Infections

Many patients don’t realize that there are many skin irritations caused by Fungal Infections. The general name “Tinea” is used to refer to Fungal Infections, which can be found in the skin as well as the hair and nails.

Nail Fungus – Tinea Unguium
These infections occur more commonly in toe nails than fingernails, often in combination with Athlete’s Foot. Nails will break more easily, turn yellow and the nail will thicken. Oral treatments are typically recommended to achieve the best results.

Athlete’s Foot – Tinea Pedis
Fungi grow in moist and dark conditions. Most patients develop Athlete’s Foot by walking barefoot in public pools, hotels, or locker rooms. Symptoms include anything from itchy blisters in some cases, to scaling, red, dry and cracking skin. To relieve symptoms, Dr. Green can recommend OTC (over-the-counter) anti-fungal creams for mild cases, or prescribe anti-fungal pills for more severe cases. Be sure to make an appointment with Dr. Green to determine if you have Athlete’s Foot or some other condition.

Ringworm – Tinea Corporis
This fungus appears on the skin with a ring shape that is scaly, red, and itchy. It can be spread not only from person to person, but also via soil or touching an animal. An oral anti-fungal medication can be prescribed by Dr. Green to treat this condition.

Scalp Ringworm – Tinea Capitis
This fungus occurs mostly in children. Hair loss in patches and scaling are common symptoms. Oral medications are prescribed and normal hair growth will be restored.

Jock Itch – Tinea Cruris
This fungus infects both men and woman and is typically itchy with a red border. It occurs in the groin and can spread like other fungal infections. Usually creams are effective in resolving this condition.

Hand Dermititis
What causes Hand Dermatitis?
Hand Dermatitis, also known as Hand Eczema, is extremely common. Since the hands perform so many different tasks daily, they are routinely exposed to irritating agents. Hand rashes usually result from a combination of sensitive skin and irritation or an allergy from materials touched.

Patients with Hand Dermatitis often suffer from Dermatitis elsewhere on the body or have a family history of Hand Dermatitis. Treatments for Hand Dermatitis are performed by Dr. Green for patients in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland regions.

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