Dry Skin

Dryness can result from a number of causes that remove water from the skin. Skin care products, weather and bathing habits are some of the most common causes of dry skin. Cool, dry weather causes the skin to lose moisture, chap or crack. Alcohol and astringents found in toners, aftershaves, and other products can also dry and irritate the skin. Hot water and prolonged bathing can lead to increased water loss and dryness. Scrubbing brushes, granular soaps, and antibacterial or deodorant soaps may also aggravate dry skin. Dry skin is treated by Dr. Green for patients in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland regions.

“After visits over the past 10 years with three different Dermatologists, none of whom could cure my condition, I proceeded to go to Dr. David Green in Bethesda. My condition, which I jokingly called “chapped face”, was no joking matter. My nose and skin to the side of my nose was constantly red and was not attractive-take my word for it. So I go to Dr. Green and he recommends a medication which he gives me out of his supply room. In just one night, after application, my ten-year old condition was cured by the time I woke up in the morning – like magic. I was very impressed, needless to say, and have referred Dr. Green to all of my friends, who have been equally happy.”

Steven K. - Yelp Review