Vascular lesions are due to the abnormal widening of small blood vessels, known as capillaries, in the skin. Laser is the safest and most effective technique to remove a variety of vascular lesions including Dilated Capillaries, Cherry Hemangiomas, Spider Angiomas, venous lakes, redness associated with Rosacea, Sun Damage, and Birthmarks including port wine stains and vascular stains.

What are Dilated Capillaries?
Dilated Capillaries (often referred to as broken capillaries or broken blood vessels) appear on the cheeks, nose, and legs as thread-like red or pink lines. When a large number of capillaries are clustered together, they may have the appearance of a red patch or a bruise that never disappears. The safest and most effective treatment is with a laser.

How does laser remove vascular lesions?
Laser light is directed through the skin targeting the unwanted capillaries or veins. The light used is such that it is preferentially absorbed within these blood vessels. The absorbed light is converted to heat, which irreversibly alters the capillary wall, promoting its removal.

What laser is used in the office?
The Excel-VTM.

What can I expect after treatment?
After treatment the skin overlying the capillaries may be somewhat red and swollen. These changes resolve in a few hours to a few days. During the subsequent days and weeks, the successfully treated capillaries and vascular lesions disappear.

How many treatments are required?
Usually, Dilated Capillaries on the face respond after one treatment; on the legs, several treatments are typically required. Factors affecting the number of treatments include skin complexion and the color of the capillaries: those that are prominent and bright red respond much better than those that are faint. Most Cherry Hemangiomas and Spider Angiomas disappear after one treatment no matter where they are located.

What will I feel during treatment and after?
Each laser pulse feels like the skin is being snapped with a small rubber band. Immediately after treatment there is, usually, no discomfort. Some feel a stinging sensation; if present, it resolves spontaneously within minutes to a few hours. All activities may be resumed immediately including aerobics, running, and swimming.

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10.32.09: Delegation and Assignment of Performance of Cosmetic Medical Procedures and Use of Cosmetic Medical Devices. This is a Maryland safety regulation that governs who can legally perform medical cosmetic procedures.  Dr. Green administers all injectable treatments (including Botox™, Juvederm™, Voluma™, Kyblella™, and other fillers & Sclerotherapy) and laser treatments.