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The Starlux-1540 laser provides a revolutionary treatment for non-ablative, fractionated skin rejuvenation. Not only does it provide more effective and safer skin rejuvenation than previous lasers and treatments, but the technology enables treatment to be administered to various sites on the body, not just the face. In addition to sun-damaged skin, the Starlux-1540 treats altered skin texture from other causes such as post-acne scarring and stretch marks.

What is skin rejuvenation with laser?

Rejuvenation with laser is a means to improve the skin’s texture and color. Altered texture and color are characteristic of sun-damaged skin, although such changes are often – incorrectly – associated with ‘aging’. Skin rejuvenation attempts to replace the altered epidermis and dermis. It does this by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the dermis and new cells in the epidermis.

How is laser rejuvenation performed?

The laser – consisting of a beam of light – is directed into the skin in an attempt to irreversibly alter the sun-damaged epidermis and dermis. This laser-altered skin signals the body to produce new epidermal cells and new dermal collagen and hyaluronic acid, i.e., the primary constituents of the dermis. Sun-damaged skin – although abnormal – is not altered enough from normal skin to signal the body to replace it. However, sun-damaged skin that has been treated with laser could be sufficiently altered so that the body recognizes that it must be replaced.

What is non-ablative rejuvenation?

Non-ablative rejuvenation refers to the fact that the treated skin remains intact and never appears denuded. Although there is temporary redness and swelling, there are not the risks, limitations or down-time that is associated with ablative rejuvenation. The breakthrough technology of the Starlux-1540 – as a non-ablative rejuvenating laser – is that it attempts to deliver results that have, previously, only been accomplished with ablative lasers and ablative procedures, such as deep chemical peels.

What is fractionated rejuvenation with the Starlux-1540 laser?

The Starlux-1540 is a skin rejuvenating laser that emits fractionated light. That is, instead of a solid beam of light that is emitted by most lasers, fractionated light consists of hundreds of micro beams, as illustrated below.

By introducing micro beams of light, each treatment zone is small and there is no apparent ablation of the skin. That is, the skin does not appear to be denuded or altered. However, microscopically, at each zone that has been subjected to a micro beam of light, the depth of treatment is as it appears with ablative rejuvenation. By fractionating the light, areas of skin such as the neck or chest – that normally cannot be treated by non-ablative rejuvenating techniques – can be treated. Most importantly, fractionated rejuvenation is much safer without the side effects and complications that can be associated with non-fractionated rejuvenation.

How does the Starlux-1540 laser work?

The Starlux-1540 laser introduces micro beams of laser light into the skin. With each treatment, the skin is subjected to tens-of-thousands of beams of laser light. During subsequent treatments, the laser treats the intervening zones that were not previously treated. After a series of treatments, the entire surface will have been subjected to the laser.

Can skin beyond the face be treated?

Yes. Because fractionated rejuvenation with the Starlux-1540 does not produce any apparent ablation, almost any area of skin can be treated. This is unlike a non-fractionated, ablative laser in which treatment is usually limited to the face. That’s because only facial skin is resilient enough to withstand ablative rejuvenation – non-facial skin has difficulty healing after ablative rejuvenation.

How many treatments are required?

By designing the Starlux-1540 to emit micro beams of laser light, treatment is deliberately fractionated or partial during each session. The two advantages of fractionated treatment is that it is non-ablative – that is, there is minimal or no ‘down-time’ – and almost all areas of skin can be treated – treatment is not limited to the face. However, by fractionating the treatment, several sessions are required. Usually, up to 6 treatments are required at intervals of 3 weeks or greater.

For what problems is the Starlux-1540 laser utilized?

In addition to sun-damaged and ‘aged’ skin, the Starlux-1540 is used to improve other alterations in skin texture including post-acne scarring and stretch marks.

Who can be treated?

Because of the long wavelength of the Starlux-1540 laser, all skin complexions can be treated – treatment is not just for those who have lighter complexions, as is the limitation for most lasers used on the skin.

What can I expect after treatment?

Your skin will become somewhat red and swollen immediately after treatment. This usually resolves in a couple of days – sometimes longer.

Are there any limitations after treatment?

You may resume all activities immediately after treatment. However, you should avoid any significant sun exposure until the redness and swelling subsides (usually a few days).


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