Micro-needling is a novel skin resurfacing and rejuvenating procedure. Its advantage is that most activities can be resumed immediately after treatment yet it reproducibly improves skin texture. A series of treatments are administered in the office with minimal disruption in your normal work schedule. It is one of the treatments of choice by busy working professionals who want to look their best but don’t have time available to recuperate from more invasive procedures.

What is Micro-needling?

Micro-Needling is a fractionated skin resurfacing procedure that is used to regenerate and rejuvenate skin. It is done in the office and takes less than 30 minutes.

What does it improve?

Micro-needling is utilized to improve skin that has been exposed to years of ultra-violet sunlight, which displays altered texture and color, appearing as ‘aged’ or ‘sun-damaged’. It is also used for skin that has been affected by inflamed Acne that exhibits altered texture appearing as pitted ‘scars’.

How does it work?

Micro-needling produces micro-sized channels in the skin. In response to these newly created channels, the body immediately begins a process of regeneration to produce new, healthy skin.

Why does it work?

Acne scars and sun-damage – alterations from normal – will remain so; the skin does not have the ability to spontaneously improve its color and texture. In order to improve these changes, it is necessary to initiate a process of regeneration resulting in its ‘resurfacing’ and rejuvenation. This is done by deliberately altering the skin, as with Micro-needling, which initiates the process of regeneration.

Why choose Micro-needling?

There are several methods used to ‘resurface’ the skin, including chemical, mechanical and laser techniques. In addition, some of these procedures can be non-fractionated or fractionated. Micro-needling is a fractionated, mechanical resurfacing technique. The advantage of any fractionated resurfacing technique is that recuperation time after each procedure is brief. Micro-needling is popular with such high patient satisfaction because it produces consistent, reproducible results with minimal recuperation time needed to return to normal activities.

How is treatment performed?

Prior to treatment, a topical anesthetic cream (lidocaine) is applied to the skin to minimize any discomfort from the procedure. The skin is cleansed followed by the application of a Hyaluron gel. Hyalurons are natural constituents of the skin and are what constitutes most fillers such as Juvederm®. Using new, sterile cartridges, the micro-channels are produced in the skin at high speed as the device glides over the treatment area (usually, the entire face).

How many treatments are performed?

As with other fractionated resurfacing procedures, usually a series of 6 sessions – at intervals of 1 month – is recommended, but this can be customized depending upon your particular concerns and needs.

When can I resume normal activities?

This will depend upon the depth of resurfacing that is required. The depth required will depend upon the extent of sun damage or Acne scarring. Many will resume most activities, including work, the day following the procedure. Most will be back at work on the second day after treatment. This includes the application of foundation or make-up.


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